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TenAsia in Korean. October 8, Naver Blog in Korean.

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The story behind this song

Netflix original current series. BoJack Horseman. Cable Girls Dark Ingobernable Suburra. Nailed It!

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Promotional poster. Jung Hyun-jung [1]. My First Time. On his 20th birthday, Yun Tae-o convinces his father to let him live in his grandfather's house. He accepts on two conditions: he cannot invite girls to the house and his father will make random visits once a week.

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His father does not follow through with the latter, and although happy he is living on his own, Tae-o mentions his friends, Choe Hun and Seo Do-hyeon, have become a nuisance to his new house. Tae-o also has a secret crush on his bestfriend, Han Song-i, and makes the effort to always be there for her, especially after her father passes away. One day, Tae-o overhears a group of students asking Song-i if she has feelings for Tae-o, which she denies, and thus, upsets Tae-o. Furthermore, he mentions to Song-i that he has a blind date.

Unlike Tae-o, Seo Do-hyeon focuses on finding a stable job, rather than finding a girlfriend, as he is not from a wealthy family. Meanwhile, Hun is kicked out and cut off financially by his father after learning that Hun is focusing on his music career rather than college. Meanwhile a wealthy young woman named O Ga-rin sneaks out of the airport, possessing a note with Tae-o's name and address, in order to avoid visiting her mother for vacation.

Do-hyeon happens to be witness to Song-i being evicted from her house after she is unable to reach her mother.

Hun, Ga-rin, Song-i and Do-hyeon unexpectedly meet up with each other in front of Tae-o's house. Already late for his blind date, Tae-o becomes distracted by a beautiful young woman walking by. Tae-o assumes the same woman he saw from earlier is Yu Se-yeon, his blind date. Meanwhile, Do-hyeon calls to tell him that Hun, Ga-rin, and Song-i are all at his house, and mentions how Song-i seems to be in trouble, and so Tae-o decides to leave the date. Hun and Ga-rin argue over who should live with Tae-o. Ga-rin destroys her cell phone after her mother attempts to call her.

My First First Love Season 3: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date

Unlike the others, however, Song-i withholds the truth behind why she came to Tae-o, thus, he encourages her to go home. Song-i retrieves her father's name plate from her old house, and runs into the same woman from Tae-o's date. She is the daughter of the new homeowners, but acts rudely with Song-i.

At the library, Song-i avoids telling Do-hyeon where she slept for the night. Se-hyeon points out that he also assumed that she was his blind date, but Tae-o calls it fate since they met each other unexpectedly, and they both have an interest in filmmaking.

K-Drama Review Of My First First Love

Do-hyeon later discovers Song-i sleeping in the library. Tae-o discover that Song-i is homeless after stopping by her house. Do-hyeon helps Song-i find another place to sleep. Song-i finally receives a call from her mother, who tells her she is not coming home any time soon. Song-i takes a walk to a bridge and uses a telephone for the suicide hotline, which leads the police to show up and take her back to the station.

Do-hyeon shows up at the station, after Song-i disappeared earlier, and almost lies about being her guardian until Tae-o shows up, claiming to be her guardian. Tae-o and Song-i apologize to each other after he admits he was hurt that she did not tell him about her problems. Tae-o is still indecisive about allowing Hun and Ga-rin to live with him, but states that it's different with Song-i.

First Love Quotes

Meanwhile, Song-i begins to suspect that she may have feelings for Do-hyeon. Tae-o later mentions to Do-hyeon that he wishes Song-i would find a boyfriend, as he cannot always be there for her, especially since he is planning to pursue a relationship with Se-hyeon. Do-hyeon and Song-i have a private lunch together.

Hun brings Ga-rin to work with him, as an extra. She decides to learn decision-making skills from Hun after he is berated by his boss. Song-i still unaware of her connection to Tae-o runs into Se-hyeon during a group project, and learns that she is not into committed relationships, and thus, may have multi boyfriends. Tae-o warns his parents not to talk about it in front of Song-i. When Tae-o arrives back home, he overhears Song-i on the phone admitting that she may have a crush on someone referring to Do-hyeon but Tae-o assumes she is talking about him.

Tae-o pretends to not know that Song-i has a crush on someone, but assuming that her crush is on him leads him into having a dream where he kisses Song-i. He begins to act different around her, initially refusing to give her a ride to campus but then changing his mind after he sees her riding a very crowded bus. Ga-rin goes with Hun to an audition and she reacts like a fangirl upon hearing him sing. Song-i suggests that they invite Do-hyeon after Ga-rin offers to plan a party as a thank you to Hun, Song-i and especially Tae-o. Tae-o is interviewed about joining the film club but can only join if he makes a short video that can make Se-hyeon smile.

Tae-o hesitates to invite Se-hyeon over his house due to his new roommates. A drunk Song-i admits that she has a crush on someone, to the group, but does not say who it is. Tae-o becomes embarrassed after admitting to Song-i that he knows about her crush, but that he wrongly assumed it was him. Song-i states that she knows the difference between how she feels about her crush and how she feels about Tae-o. Do-hyeon and Song-i later meet up together to watch a movie and have dinner.

Meanwhile, the group are trying to cheer up Hun after he doesn't get a call back from the audition. Even though Tae-o tells his father to stop, he leaves only after he confront Song-i about the money her mother still owes him. Song-i begins work at the internship, during which she encounters Lee Dae-geon, a graduated student who happens to be the supervisor.

On her way home, Song-i lies about not being able to meet up with Do-hyeon at the bus stop, assuming he is too busy at work, as she doesn't want to bother him, but he happens to see her meet up with Tae-o at the bus stop after they learn that Hun actually did get the role from his audition, news that they plan to surprise him with, later on. The next day, Do-hyeon assures Song-i that she doesn't need to be so considerate about him i. Tae-o finally asks Se-hyeon to be his girlfriend. Ga-rin buys a new cell phone for herself and Hun before she starts work at her new part-time job.

This was one of the main reasons why I was attracted to the project. I believe, if the story is not realistic people are not going to watch it. The three cast members were in the midst of filming the series when they flew to Singapore for the Netflix event held in November last year. According to Jin-young, the cast and crew formed a great team and got along well.

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