Snake Tattoo Designs & Ideas

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  1. Snake Tattoos in Traditional Style
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  3. 13 Simple Tattoo Ideas For People Who Are Afraid To Commit
  4. Dragon And Snake Tattoo

This tiny hand tattoo is a more simple design that is really gorgeous. The crescent moon on the same finger also complements the design well. This small tattoo was done for a hairstylist. The pair of scissors and pink ribbon are a cute way to depict her profession. Not all tattoos have to start off with black ink. The use of red ink for this flower hand tattoo gives it such a unique look. The way it's placed on the inside the finger is sweet because it's like a little, secret reminder. A snowflake can represent purity, but it can also be a cool tattoo idea for winter babies.

This finger placement works well for such a small tattoo. If someone has ever felt that she was born to be a queen, then this crown tattoo is perfect. The little details and shading really take it to the next level. This small snake tattoo is edgy and cool, and we like that it looks as if it's about to slither up her finger.

Plant parents might enjoy getting a cute little cactus tattoo. This succulent design has nice colors that give off a happy vibe. This leaves design has swirly line details that give it feminine flare. The lower finger placement gives it that permanent ring look.

The Meaning of Snake Tattoo Designs

Zodiac signs make awesome small tattoo ideas. Here, a Taurus tattoo fits perfectly on the ring finger and makes for an awesome manicure photo. This single rose hand tattoo is gorgeous! The use of white ink creates the illusion of depth and shine.

Snake Tattoos in Traditional Style

It's giving us major Beauty and the Beast vibes. These small geometric hand tattoos have nice balance. They're all simple and evenly sized and spaced for a clean aesthetic. These two matching finger tattoos represent a pinky promise. Such a sweet idea for siblings or best friends. This small, ring finger arrow tattoo is really delicate and looks great pointing up the finger.

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It blends in really well with her accessories too! This minimalist "joy" tattoo is like a little secret on the side of the finger. It's extremely small and the font is narrow, but it's still clear and legible. It's very powerful. We love this curvy font! This is one trippy tattoo design! The dagger creates an optical illusion where it looks like it's going through the finger -- which is creepy, but pretty fantastic at the same time!

The curve of the hand is a good place for a crescent moon tattoo because the shapes work well together. Here, the middle portion of the design has some negative space, creating an appealing look. Another word that looks good in tattoo form is "breathe. What better place for an inked reminder than the hand? This little tree is a cute design for the side of the hand. When the hand is straight up, the tree appears to be standing up as well.

13 Simple Tattoo Ideas For People Who Are Afraid To Commit

These finger letters wmn pwr stands for "woman power. And of course, the message is very empowering! Combining three different celestial bodies can result in an adorable outer space motif. Here, multiple small tattoos of the moon, Saturn, and the sun are lined up on neighboring fingers, creating a cohesive look.

This "darling" tattoo is incredibly small, and it's pretty amazing how legible it is. The sentiment is sweet, whimsical, and perhaps a little sentimental, if it's referring to a specific person. A pretty romantic small hand tattoo idea is to get "Mrs. It looks so pretty next to her rock! This butterfly illustration has a depth effect that makes it as if it could fly off the person's hand. The faded blue color gives it a pretty vintage vibe. Although all these small hand tattoos are cute, the genie lamp is an especially creative choice. It's magical and delicate, and it works well with the other small hand tattoos.

Drawing A Snake Tattoo Art Idea

Small music note tattoos are easy to conceal especially if placed behind the ear and are a daily reminder that music is, indeed, life. Some wrap around arm bands for today. Hanks Ashely! Arm band tattoos can be either dainty or bold, depending on a personal preference for line thickness, and can be both fashionable and symbolic. A post shared by Jenny Eden fox. Dot tattoos look like natural beauty marks.

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They're meaningful in the sense that the number or pattern of the dots can symbolize different aspects of one's life, but hardly anyone will really see them. The ellipsis pattern tattoo above could symbolize infinity. The 10 most painful places to get a tattoo. Wave after Wave I'm slowly drifting away Get back to the simpler forms of popular tattoos.

The outline of a wave is petite, adorable tattoo and maintains your connection to peaceful water. Alchemy symbol tattoos are especially great for those who feel a connection to the earthly elements. The triangular shapes are each significant, without being overly showy. Depending on your background, Egyptian hieroglyph tattoos may be personally meaningful. Once used by Ancient Egyptians as their writing system, the symbols can make for small, intricate tattoos.

First foot tattoo!! I love my country and in love with this tattoo! An alternative to tattooing a map of the world on your arm is getting the outline of a country or state that holds particular significance to you. Whether it's where you studied abroad in college or the state you grew up in, the inked outline tattoo is creative way to commemorate a special place.

Rather than tattooing a loved one's birthdate, opt for a roman numeral tattoo instead. Roman numerals give tattoos a clean, organized feel, and they can easily be hidden from sight. Rings c xoxotattoo vadersdye Hamburg. Which is something that's entirely possible to do, even with a tiny tattoo.

And who knows?

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Dragon And Snake Tattoo

Once you get past your initial fears, you may even go on to get more ink in the future. But of course, it's perfectly fine to stick with one small tattoo, and enjoy it as-is. If you're in the market for a tattoo, but are afraid to commit, here are a few simple — yet still totally meaningful — tattoo design ideas to get your imagination flowing.

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Astrological tattoos tend to be simple, and thus are quick and easy to get. But they're also packed with meaning, so you really can't go wrong. If that hits home for you, consider getting a smattering of stars to represent your sign, or even the symbol itself. A simple outline of a bug or animal, or even a design that's super realistic, can make for a fun tattoo.

But what's even better, is choosing an animal that has meaning to you. For example, ladybugs are wish granters and bringers of love, Barretta says. So if you need more luck in your life, this may be a good choice.

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  • Moon, star, and sun designs make for very simple tattoos, that always have a hidden message. As Barretta says, crescent moons can represent new projects coming your way.