The Invalid Singer: Life and Writings of Minnie D. Bateham

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  1. The Invalid Singer : Life and Writings of Minnie D. Bateham (Classic Reprint)
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Morang, , by J.

The Invalid Singer : Life and Writings of Minnie D. Bateham (Classic Reprint)

White page images at HathiTrust Poems in autograph; fac simile of originals. Chicago : American Publishers' assn. Chicago : American Publishers' Assn. Press, , by Harrison S. Morris page images at HathiTrust Poets of England and America, being selections from the best authors of both countries Bateham; Boston, J.

Barnes, , c , ed. Everest page images at HathiTrust The poets of New Hampshire, being specimen poems of three hundred poets of the Granite state, with biographical notes. Claremont, N. New York : Published by D. New York : Dodge Pub. Gilder and J.

My Daughter Said Shed Burn This Book!

Wallace page images at HathiTrust Among the isles of Shoals. Boston, Houghton, Mifflin, [c] , by Celia Thaxter page images at HathiTrust Benjamin Tompson : a graduate of Harvard College in the class of , and the earliest native American poet, with some bibliographical notes on his literary works. London : Frederick Warne and Co. Elkton, Md. Keep and the congregation of the Homer Presbyterian Church were urging Finney to come among them.

the invalid singer life and writings of minnie d bateham Manual

He did not come, but John Keep and his son Theodore were added to the ranks of the Finney men. John Keep was a native of western Massachusetts, the seventh of nine children of a poor farmer. He entered Yale College in and "passed regularly, without interruption through the four years' course of study," waiting on table part time in the dining hall to pay his way. After studying theology privately for some time he was ordained in and preached for the next sixteen years in the Scotch-Irish town of Blandford, Massachusetts.

He seems always to have been actively interested in Christian benevolence. Keep was one of the founders and charter members of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. In Homer he was a dominant influence in the councils of the local Cortland Academy. From to his dismissal in he was overtly and enthusiastically aligned with the "new-measures" cause.

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I verily believe that the Holy Spirit is with them [the new-measures men], and that their number will increase. Perhaps more important than the enlistment of the Keeps was the organization in Rochester of a phalanx of active revival Christians, mostly business or professional men and youths.

Though Josiah Bissell, Jr. He had been associated with all of the first three Rochester Presbyterian churches. He had financed the construction of the places of worship of the Second and Third societies and to the latter had promised "a half of his biscuit as long as he had one. His "Pioneer" stage-line was known throughout the nation because its coaches never moved on Sunday and the drivers' morals were supposed to be supervised. Bissell had been primarily responsible for bringing Finney to Rochester and acted the part of manager and host.

Everard Peck was a printer, book-binder, publisher, bookstore proprietor and paper manufacturer from Connecticut. He belongs in the list not only because he was a leading Christian and friend of the revivals and benevolent causes but because his young son was guided by the influence of these days through the Oneida Institute and Bowdoin College to a professorship in a later time in Oberlin College. Samuel D.


Porter, also a book-dealer, associated with Peck, was converted from deism by Finney and became an important worker for benevolent causes. Then there was Levi Burnell, "Druggist, at the sign of the alligator, No. Avery, and his brother, Courtland Avery.

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  8. The young Englishman Michael B. Bateham may not yet have arrived in Rochester at the time of the Revival of , but became a complete "Finneyite" just the same when he appeared sometime before and opened his seed store and nursery--"The Rochester Seed Store and Horticultural Repository. When the Bethel Free Church was built on the bank of the canal next to the Washington Street Bridge at a location convenient for boatmen and canal-boat passengers , among the leading contributors were Samuel D.

    Porter, George A. Avery, M. Here were more soldiers to fight the battles of the Lord! FINNEY'S reputation as a revivalist spread throughout the North, and calls for his aid poured in from ministers and pious laymen in all quarters. Two voices were particularly loud and insistent: that from Ohio--"the Valley of the Mississippi"--"in a forming state ready to receive any impress which may be given it," and that from New York City, the growing metropolis, the sink of iniquity, "the headquarters of Satan. Even in the early nineteenth century there were two "frontiers," two fields of economic opportunity, the free lands of the West and the emerging cities.

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    The Yankees flooded out into central and western New York, the Western Reserve and beyond, but many, too, merchants; shipmasters, clerks, lawyers, bankers, went to New York City and helped to win for it the primacy in trade and commerce. From the time when, soon after , Joseph Howland, a Mayflower descendant, laid the foundations of the great Howland New York shipping interest to the fifties, when Captain Rowland H.

    Macy of Nantucket started his store and James Talcott came from Connecticut to establish his dry commission business, the invasion was practically continuous and rather disconcerting to the native Knickerbockers. Now these Yankee magnates in New York's business world were some whose New England consciences were troubled the by sin of the city and who felt the call to do something about it. Prominent among these were Anson G.

    Dodge, Arthur Tappan and his brother Lewis. Phelps and David L. Dodge were among the earlier arrivals. The former had a Horatio Alger rise from poor orphan to New York's leading importer of metals. Both had come to the city from Connecticut before the second war with England.

    Dodge was a dry goods merchant, known to history as a worker in the peace cause, the founder in of the New York Peace Society, the first of the modern peace organizations. William E. Dodge, his son, married Melissa, daughter of Anson G. All three established during their lives reputations for great piety and benevolence and gave their money and services to various ecclesiastical, missionary and social causes. The Tappans, natives of Northampton, Massachusetts, and later arrivals, are better known for their various religious and reform activities than for their success as leading silk jobbers.

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    Their pastor was the conservative Rev. Cardiner Spring; Anson G.

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    Phelps was a leading member. The Platts brought to New York enthusiastically favorable accounts of Finney's work to supplement the contradictory reports in the press. The Platts persuaded Phelps and the Dodges that Finney was just the man to stir Gotham from the lethargy of religious indifference and sin. They pointed out that he was young and handsome, had a penetrating and arresting voice and manner, and used a vernacular which had not been desiccated by years in the rarefied atmosphere of a theological seminary.

    But there was opposition among the clergy, particularly from the Rev. Gardiner Spring, himself. So, shortly after the New Lebanon "debate," Phelps invited Finney to a conference in New York at which leading church workers and ministers could meet him and come under the influence of his personal charm. Shipherd participated, along with Zephaniah Platt, the Dodges, Phelps and certain city ministers, including undoubtedly Spring and the eccentric and radical Samuel H.

    Cox, pastor of the Laight Street Church which the Dodges attended. The meetings, lasting for several days, took place in December, , at Phelps's downtown home.