The Rainmakers Quick Guide to Lasting Sales Success

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For sales professionals that frequently trade in rejection, extensive travel and client demands, a focus on lifestyle and self-care is critical. For non-sales professionals, careers can be just as taxing emotionally, physically and mentally. When I spoke to Coradeschi about her own background, she categorized herself as shy and credits sales with forcing her out of her comfort zone. Her ability to sell enabled her to travel internationally, keep a flexible schedule, and work across industries, including launching her own business.

As a rainmaker, she knows she will never be unemployed. Rainmaker capability can both build a career and secure a career. Improve your own rainmaker capability as the number one career resolution for this year.

My specialty is career change -- how to make a great living doing wor Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Sale Photo credit: markhillary. Caroline Ceniza-Levine. Read More. Brian Gardner: That type of authenticity really shines through. Is that sort of an evolution of Be More with Less? In other words, you had the blog.

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Something very tangible. Give me something practical or some sort of tangible direction. Courtney Carver: Yes, and my simplicity journey has evolved very slowly and very gently over time. I felt like I needed some type of experiment or challenge to kick-start things.

It took on this life of its own. There are a lot of people that know about Project that have no idea about Be More with Less. They take that next step and vice versa.

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Some people have been gently simplifying, and they see this as an opportunity to see a big difference quickly. Brian Gardner: This brings me over to the third property you have right now, which is CourtneyCarver. Right now, CourtneyCarver. Tsh Oxenreider — it was probably two years ago, we connected about taking all of her simple sites, of which there were five or six at the time.

She and I had a number of great conversations around that. You and I have had at least two or three conversations very specifically about three web properties: how can they come together? Where does it make sense?

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Where does it overlap? A lot of it comes down to being intentional. When we start to build a business, things start to accumulate, not necessarily in a tangible way, just in things we want to offer and things we want to write about. I like to be very mindful about how I spend my time, and am I engaged in the things that I love and I feel are helpful and useful, and ways that I can be of better service or more service with not more necessarily time investment, because I left that world.

I left a very stressful career, working all the time, not focused on my family, not focused on my health.

Jupiter Officially Has 12 New Moons | Smart News | Smithsonian

Then, if I can have work that fuels that, all the better. Things change, and I want things to evolve as they should and not stand still because things are working. You actually do it. Let me ask you this is kind of a fun question: you post a lot of pictures on your site Be More with Less with quotes on them. This is a hunch I have — most of those shots were taken by you, then, that you use for your own site. Brian Gardner: There are many sites out there, like Unsplash , where you can get stock photography of pretty mountains or whatever. What I love about that is these are the shots that I see in your Instagram feed or on Twitter or Facebook.

These are the ones you use on your own site. Talk about eating your own dog food. I love that even though I live in a city, in five minutes, I can be off the beaten path or in the mountains. If I travel, I try to capture those shots and really appreciate the beauty of my surroundings.

The Rainmaker's Quick Guide to Lasting Sales Success

I think everyone has that in their own back yard to some extent. There are some beautiful things to see if we slow down and take a look. And that is that you live in Utah, and you have access to the mountains. I have friends that live up there. I love flying into Salt Lake and taking the or minute drive — literally what it feels like — to get up to Park City.

Anytime you post photos of hiking, walking, mountains, and snow, I dislike you. I did an architectural boat tour, and the cityscape is just phenomenal there. Even in Chicago, you can be going down an architectural boat ride, and it seems like all of the people and the cars and all of the traffic and all that is on the sidelines of where you are.

Wanna Be a Rainmaker? : CONNECT1 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Floating down a river is probably not quite as noisy as people would think. You can be busy in the mountains and be not-busy in the city. It all comes back to intentionality and what works for each person. It was changing my surroundings. It was about decluttering and clearing space on the outside so I had time to clear the space on the inside. Time and motivation. Brian Gardner: I think it does look different for each person, but overall — just like you said — the outside coming in, inside coming out.

Decluttering to free your mind, or free your mind to declutter. All of it is a more satisfying way to live. All of us go through seasons. It ebbs and flows. Courtney Carver: Absolutely, and that just reminded me it really never is about, at least, lasting simplicity. Brian Gardner: That is a brilliant way to end the show. I love that, and I will look that quote up, and I will put that in the show notes, by the way. So thank you for pointing that out. From each of those, you can admire the wonderful and brilliant site design she has from yours truly.

Want more? Check out NoSidebar. Each week, we curate the very best and most interesting articles when it comes to designing a simple life at work, at home, and in the soul. Get the best of the Rainmaker. FM network in a single weekly email, along with two weeks of free training that will change the way you think about online marketing What a wonderful interview! The part I loved the best and learned from the most was when Courtney spoke about about minimalizing not just being about a clean counter! Appreciate your comment, Nancy!

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